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40 Days of Prayer

40 days in the Scriptures is a significant number. Noah spent 40 days and nights in the Ark. During that time God watched over him in the midst of the flood. Godís care and provision were upon him during those 40 days of being alone with God. Moses spent 40 days on Godís mountain meeting with Him, receiving His Word. There God met with him giving him His guidelines for living.  Elijah was discouraged and weary after his battle with Jezebel but God came to him with encouragement. He sustained him for 40 days in which He spoke to him in a still small voice (I Kings 19).  Jesus spent 40 days being tested by Satan in the wilderness and came out of it strengthened by the Holy Spirit (Matthew 4). 

So 40 days are a concentrated time of focus that the Lord uses to accomplish His spiritual purposes for us. The Lord has led me to have 40 days of a concentrated time of prayer for our Church. I am asking God to work in a powerful way in our lives through this special time of prayer. I am asking Him to change our lives, to answer prayer, to bring spiritual renewal in our Church, to heal sickness, to save souls, and to make us more like Christ.

I have provided for us a daily devotional to use as a guide in our 40 days of prayer. Each week we will have a different focus in prayer such as praise, thanksgiving, confession, petition, and intercession.  I am asking you to make some changes in your priorities over the next 40 days. I am asking you to spend an hour each day in His Word and prayer. How you organize it is up to you, whether itís two 30 minute periods, a solid hour, or four 15 minute time slots. You should spend some of the time praying with your family. There will be a key memory verse to learn each week.

My prayer for you is that God will make this 40 days of prayer a life changing event for you. As Psalms 90:12 says: ďSo teach us to number our days, That we may gain a heart of wisdom.Ē

Praying for You,

Pastor Clay Parrish



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